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When you choose the Goddard Team, you choose our unwavering commitment to quality and customer service. As a Mother/Daughter Team we have enjoyed real estate since the early 1990's, beginning Real Estate in Daytona Beach, Florida with Intervest Construction, then later to a very strong  privately owned Real Estate Co. with a Big Heart that we decided to call our Home.      

Our personal mission statement for our clients is that we become an integral element in increasing the quality of their lives with every transaction. Whether they are just starting out, excitedly acquiring their first home, or if they have extended their real estate investment portfolio beyond a positive financial return , we ALL depart the closing table with lifted spirits and with better positions in life because of this incredible business that we have just successfully transacted!  

We become closely involved with each client and partner with them to solve their real estate challenges. It is extremely rewarding to be able to immediately remove their sense of anxiety and uncertainty with one of the largest business propositions they may have encountered to this point in their lives.   Our  clients allow us to share in bettering their lives by placing their absolute faith and trust in our professional abilities to accomplish the job of either selling their property or bringing their dream to fruition &  the rewards are immeasurable. And from there synergy has been created by touching their lives in a positive way, and from them touching ours in the same fashion, the business of assisting their friends, family, colleagues, neighbors and so on with their real estate needs becomes a natural extension and development of what began as a sincere desire to assist a client with a life challenge.  

Our business is a passionate one filled with rewards and challenges. It is unique with every client and with every transaction ever causing us to perform at the peak of our abilities and to stay sharp, focused and creative in accomplishing our goals.   I look forward to having the privilege of working and sharing with you very soon and increasing the quality of our lives and our client’s lives, by enhancing the path to our successful future!

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